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Rowing Machine

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  1. CRW800 Rower

    CRW800 Rower

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    The CRW800 Rower combines a long list of high performance features with a reliable design. From the convenience of the 20” frame height and folding storage design to the combined air/magnetic resistance and remote handle controls, the CRW800 is sure to impress.
  2. XRW600 Rower

    XRW600 Rower

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    The XRW600 Rower provides an unparalleled full-body workout with a convenient fold up frame design.
  3. Cascade Rower

    Cascade Rower

    Introducing a high quality indoor rower from Cascade that delivers exceptional performance, motivating training feedback and long life durability.
  4. Air Rower Mag

    Air Rower Mag

    Smooth and a great workout, our new Cascade Unlimited Air Rower Mag combines all the features of our original magnetic rower with the added benefit of progressive air resistance.
  5. CRW800H2O Water Rower

    CRW800H2O Water Rower

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    The new SPIRIT Fitness CRW800H2O Water Rower is a fresh take on one of the most popular full-body workouts available.
  6. CRW900 Rower

    CRW900 Rower

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    The SPIRIT Fitness CRW900 Rower brings the timeless tradition of rowing into the gym.

6 Item(s)

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