Aspen Information Systems

PO Box 680031
Houston, TX 77268 USA


Company Overview

Visual Clubmate is a comprehensive, integrated, and modular software suite that offers member management, a prospect database, EZ contracts, fitness assessments, exercise prescriptions, activity logging, check-in, club rewards, video imaging, DecisionMate, credit book, scheduling, touch screen POS, fingerprint ID, door/turnstile access, Driver’s license scanning, inventory, EFT, credit cards, gift cards, back office, time clock and receivables management. Our modular approach allows the staff to choose from a variety of powerful, easy-to-use and unique software tools. These software modules focus on three vital points of your club’s success: managing cash, acquiring new members and retaining existing members. 
The real power of Aspen comes from our relationships with our customers. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service and support. Our team of professionals has been assisting businesses in the health and fitness industry reach their full potential for more than seventeen years