Fitness On Demand

4640 Palmer Pointe Rd
Excelsior, MN 55331 USA


Company Overview

Fitness On Demand takes the hassle out of managing your group fitness program. With this innovative system, you can offer more class times, more variety, specialty titles and first-class instructors anytime.
Fitness On Demand is the best way to supplement your instructor-led program by reducing cost, replacing sparsely attended classes and filling vacant studio time. Pre-schedule classes to play at designated times while allowing for “on-demand” access when the space is free. 
From the user-friendly touch kiosk, users can view the group fitness schedule and launch classes at the touch of a button, delivering the ultimate in ease of use. 
You will find a wide library of group fitness classes available anytime. Choose from the Classic Series, which features the most popular fitness classes covering those fundamentals closest to group fitness. Users will be familiar with titles like Core, Cardio, Mind/Body, Strength and Cycling. The Move Series features the hottest fusion classes dubbed Tempo, Force, Sport and Synergy. Multiple levels available in each discipline make it easy to start and guarantee results. The cyclist can’t go wrong by choosing anything within the Induro Series.