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Company Overview

The MicroFit Fitness Assessment System is used by leading fitness centers around the world to collect baseline measurements on members and track changes in fitness and wellness over time. This simple process can help the member achieve better health AND help the fitness center gain more revenue. A baseline fitness and wellness assessment allows your trainers to get to know the member, set goals and sell programs. The goals will motivate the member toward healthy lifestyle changes and subsequent assessments (fitness/wellness tracking) will verify their actions. This positive reinforcement will lead to increased participation, increased member retention and new referrals. 
The MicroFit fitness assessment software includes several components with the most popular being Fitness Profile. This software measures and tracks over 30 physical fitness characteristics including body weight, body fat, blood pressure, flexibility, strength and cardiovascular endurance. The Fitness Profile software can be connected to the MicroFit fitness testing equipment for standardized, computer-controlled assessment. The Health History and Wellness Profile software components analyze and report on current health status and wellness behaviors related to exercise, nutrition, alcohol consumption, tobacco use, safety practices and stress.