Visual Fitness Planner

2912 W Pafford St
Ft Worth, TX 76110 USA


Company Overview

The VFP SalesFusion™ system sets the health club industry standard for prospecting, sales and marketing by providing a turn-key system that allows club owners to have one sales system that will generate leads, track leads, and provide sales presentations straight through to billing and management…avoiding duplicate data entry.

The cornerstone of the VFP SalesFusion™ is its lead tracking CRM system known as TouchPoint™(powered by InTouch Follow-Up), the automated sales presentation technology of the Visual Fitness Planner® (VFP) and the automated social media referral program known as Catalyst

The VFP calculates a person's “Health Risks” for diseases, predicts their “Health Age”, creates a “Before & After” 3-D avatar of their body and calculates exactly how long it will take to achieve their goals.

Other modules of the VFP SalesFusion™ include:

  • Catalyst Mobile (phone-to-phone) referral program 
  • Tablet Tour mobile membership sales 
  • Kiosk Self-Serve membership sales 
  • EFT Personal Training sales system 
  • Small Group Training sales system