Daxko Spectrum

3333 Richmond Ave, 2nd Fl
Houston, TX 77098


Company Overview

Daxko Spectrum, the maker of SpectrumNG, is a leader in the health and fitness club industry, helping pioneer today’s club with powerful innovation, leading-edge technology and a commitment to cost reduction and customer support.
SpectrumNG – a true enterprise management solution – is the result of those efforts, and is considered a catalyst for the industry. SpectrumNG has held the top spot for five consecutive years, a feat not lost on the leadership team at Daxko, a Houston-based software provider.
Daxko Spectrum’s SpectrumNG is the #1 software in the health and fitness club industry according to the Top 100 clubs in North America. Club Industry magazine’s annual Top 100 Clubs list recently revealed more clubs in the Top 100 use SpectrumNG than any other club management software.