InTouch Technology

1155 West Pender St. #601,
Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 2P4 Canada


Company Overview

InTouch Technology is a leading provider of member lifecycle management solutions built specifically for the health and fitness industry. InTouch is passionate about leveraging the power of technology to help health clubs and fitness studios around the world manage every step of their member lifecycle. From lead acquisition to member retention, InTouch works with clubs to increase growth through improved sales and long-term member engagement.

Understanding the vital role data plays in influencing management decisions and actions, InTouch has developed a powerful reporting and analytics tool called InSights + Goals. This tool provides detailed dashboards to club management and sales staff on sales performance versus club goals. With InSights + Goals, management can now leverage existing data and insights to make revenue driving decisions that promote growth.

InTouch FollowUp: Provides a step-by-step, disciplined structure that leverages automated follow-up processes including phone calls, emails and text drip campaigns to increase lead conversion and member retention.
InTouch InSights + Goals: Allows management and sales staff to monitor and analyze sales performance versus individual and club goals using detailed reporting dashboards.

InTouch Presents: Provides a clear, structured presentation flow for your sales team to follow with PT and club leads.This customizable and personalized sales presentation tool ensures your sales team only has access to up to date pricing and membership level information.

Coming Soon:

InTouch Active: Enables communication between personal trainers and their clients with nutrition, workouts and trainer tracking.
InTouch Connect: Promotes member engagement through member check in, class scheduling, referrals and member challenges.
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