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Thank you for choosing CAP Barbell. We are pleased that we can be a partner in your retail business as well as a partner in your client's physical health. For over 25 years CAP has been a leading distributor and provider of fitness equipment. CAP Barbell, at it's inception only produced free weights and benches, but now carries more than 600 products in over 10 categories.  CAP has taken great strides to provide quality products at competitive prices, giving us and our customers a significant advantage in this ever changing market. With our strategically located distribution centers and ongoing product analysis, we make purchasing simple and cost effective. Whether you are a CAP product user or simply carry our products in your stores, we thank you for your business.

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  1. Bench with Dumbbell Holder

    Bench with Dumbbell Holder

    This flat, incline/decline bench is the perfect addition to dumbbell workouts and other anaerobic exercises such as stretching. The 4-position back pad provides varying angles increasing the challenge in your workout. Other features this bench includes are two-tone box stitched padding, two small dumbbell storage hooks, covered foam rollers and extended foam grips for reverse crunches. *Maximum recommended user and weight capacity 250lb
  2. Bench with Leg Accessory

    Bench with Leg Accessory

    CAP designed this item for lifters needing a basic bench for lifting lifter weights. Features include leg extension/curl attachment and 4-positions back pad. Two tone padding, metallic powder coating, and oversized oval tubing give this bench the right look for the perfect routine. *This bench only accepts 5' and 6' standard 1" (diameter) weight lifting bars.
  3. Deluxe Standard Bench

    Deluxe Standard Bench

    Ideal for the beginner or the experienced low weight / high rep lifter. Comes with leg extension / leg curl, movable safety catches, two tone box stitched padding. *This bench only accepts 5' and 6' standard weightlifting bars.
  4. FID Bench (Flat / Incline/ Decline)

    FID Bench (Flat / Incline/ Decline)

    The FM-704 FID bench is specifically designed for dumbbell workouts or body weight / core training such as sit-ups or crunches. 5 adjustments and padded foam rollers will provide users with a comfortable and challenging workout. *Maximum recommended user and weight capacity 250lb
  5. Flat Board

    Flat Board

    Flat benches may be short on features, but make it up in flexible ways it can be used. Flat benches are ideal dumbbell workouts, stretching and core exercises. With two-tone box stitched padding, oversized tubing, and metallic powder coating, CAP's flat bench is designed with comfort and function in mind. *Maximum recommended user and weight capacity 300lb
  6. Olympic Bench with Preacher Pad + Leg

    Olympic Bench with Preacher Pad + Leg

    This bench includes: Leg extension/curl, Olympic-size plate adapter for leg, preacher and curl pad with preacher curl yoke, adjustable uprights and 4-position back pad. For home use only. Oversized tubing, black powder coating, and premium upholstery makes this bench a solid choice for a great workout. *This bench only accepts 7' Olympic straight bars.
  7. Slant Board

    Slant Board

    A tried and true method for strengthening core abdominal muscles and helping users develop/maintain ab muscle definition. 4 height adjustments allow a range of user sizes. This unit folds for storage. Thick and durable two-tone padding and metallic powder coating will stand up years of use. *Maximum recommended user and weight capacity 250lb
  8. Two Piece Deluxe Olympic Bench

    Two Piece Deluxe Olympic Bench

    5 position FID (flat/inline/decline) bench can be moved to use as a stand alone for dumbbell workouts or can be moved so to access the full size squat rack. *This bench only accepts 7' Olympic bars.

8 Item(s)

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