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When you set out to build something, the finished product is only as strong as its foundation. So when Core Health & Fitness brought together fitness brands from all corners of the industry, we settled for nothing but the best.

Star Trac. StairMaster. Nautilus. Schwinn.

Four iconic brands that pioneered entire categories, and whose machines are still the ones members ask for by name. Today, we're committed to continuing the tradition that started decades ago — and that's greatness you can feel good about building on.

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  1. 14 Station Model IP-M9620

    14 Station Model IP-M9620

    Two complete Cable Cross Systems with all the bells and whistles. Plus three Lat Pull Down stations, three Low Row stations, and two Triceps Press stations.
  2. 9 Station Model IP-M9619

    9 Station Model IP-M9619

    We've got you seeing double with our 9 Station piece. It's got everything that the 5 Station has but offers a duplicate section of Lat Pull Down, Triceps Press, and Low Row.
  3. 5 Station Model IP-M9605

    5 Station Model IP-M9605

    Lat Pull Down with swivel pulley Triceps Press with swivel pulley Low Row with swivel pulley, Fully adjustable cable cross over system, Integrated pull up station, Stablization handles for balance and control Lock N Load® weight selection system.
  4. Dual Cable Crossover Model IP-M9201

    Dual Cable Crossover Model IP-M9201

    HUGE VARIETY. SMALL FOOTPRINT. Sometimes you have space for multiple pieces of equipment and sometimes you don’t. That is exactly why our Multi-Stations can be such a great option when you’re still looking for the total workout experience and commercial feel while needing to maximize space. Each of our multi-stations have the smallest footprint possible while combining the most essential and core elements from our strength lines. Add in great features like swiveling pulleys on the Lat Pull Down, Low Row and Triceps Press and fully adjustable pulleys on the Cable Cross Over System, and you have an economical, space-saving equipment solution that doesn’t look, feel or train like one.

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