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FreeMotion Fitness™, a subsidiary of ICON Health & Fitness, is dedicated to providing total fitness solutions with competitive financing, quality customer service, comprehensive training and unparalleled products. FreeMotion™, the first and only full circuit of integrated functional strength training equipment. FreeMotion™ Commercial Cardio has revolutionized the industry with Workout TV™, the first cable-access TV integrated into the console of the equipment. EPIC Strength™ utilizes ergonomic design and never-before-seen features to improve traditional strength training.

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  1. Glute - F820

    Glute - F820

    The tower design allows for simple cable service while the removable upholstery allows for easy replacement of wear items. Ensure smooth motion throughout the entire movement pattern.


    INDEPENDENTLY ROTATING ARMS › Each arm rotates vertically in 12 settings and horizontally in 9 settings to accommodate virtually any movement pattern. Arms are counterbalanced for easy positioning. SWIVEL PULLEYS › Pulley design ensures uid cable travel and provides nearly unlimited range of motion. CABLE TRAVEL › Extensive cable travel allows for full exercise range of motion. Single arm: 89 inches (218 cm). Two arms: 89 inches (218 cm). WEIGHT STACKS › Two weight stacks of 210 pounds each are independent, allowing two people to work out at the same time. Innovative 3-to-1 cable ratio provides extensive cable travel and smooth resistance when performing high speed movements. INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION › Designed after the commercial FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross, this machine is constructed from 7- and 11-gauge steel tubing and is electrostatically powder-coated. ANKLE CUFF › For lower-body exercises, the included ankle cuff is padded with velcro for comfortable, secure placement.
  3. EPIC Abdominal F819

    EPIC Abdominal F819

    The FreeMotion EPIC Abdominal isolates and strengthens the muscles in the upper and lower abdominal regions. The 4-bar linkage system provides a maximum range of motion with gas-shock assisted handles.
  4. EPIC Adduction/Abduction F809

    EPIC Adduction/Abduction F809

    The FreeMotion EPIC Hip Adduction/Abduction isolates and strengthens the muscles in the inner and outer upper legs. Leg assembly can be set in one of nine start positions to accommodate a wide range of motion.
  5. EPIC Assisted Dip-Chin F812

    EPIC Assisted Dip-Chin F812

    The FreeMotion EPIC Assisted Dip-Chin functionally trains muscles in back, upper arms and chest. Builds postural strength and endurance.
  6. EPIC Back Extension F815

    EPIC Back Extension F815

    The FreeMotion EPIC Back Extension builds stabilizer muscle strength along the spinal column to enhance posture and help to prevent low back injury.
  7. EPIC Bicep Curl (Non-LM) F810

    EPIC Bicep Curl (Non-LM) F810

    The FreeMotion EPIC Bicep targets muscles in the upper arms for activities such as opening jars and lifting groceries. The handles swivel throughout the movement for natural range of motion.
  8. EPIC Bicep F810

    EPIC Bicep F810

    The FreeMotion EPIC Bicep targets muscles in the upper arms for activities such as opening jars and lifting groceries. The handles slide from side to side along a linear shafting, allowing arms to move in a natural movement pattern.
  9. EPIC Chest F800

    EPIC Chest F800

    The FreeMotion EPIC Chest strengthens and isolates the chest muscles for activities that involve pushing movements. The arms move in a converging axis pattern, providing natural movement and increased muscle concentration.
  10. EPIC Fly/Rear Delt F806

    EPIC Fly/Rear Delt F806

    The FreeMotion EPIC Fly/Rear Delt provides dual function to increase strength muscles in the chest and back. Pivoting arms accommodate a wide variety of users and allow a natural movement pattern.

Items 1 to 10 of 34 total

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