Abdominal Machines

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  1. AB Bench

    AB Bench

    TRUE has a thirty-four year history making the world’s most premium cardio equipment. Now, we are taking that same manufacturing and design quality and bringing it to you in the new FORCE strength line. All of the features you have come to associate with TRUE are found in the FORCE line…quality, durability, craftsmanship and superior aesthetics. Welcome to the new TRUE.
  2. XFW-6400 Vertical Knee Raise/Dip

    XFW-6400 Vertical Knee Raise/Dip

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    Elbow pads and dip handles designed to provide stability and encourage proper body positioning during exercise.
  3. CCD-347 Chin/Dip/VKR & Push-Up Combo

    CCD-347 Chin/Dip/VKR & Push-Up Combo

    Dual function support pad designed for VKR back support as well as ab crunch board.
  4. RMA-320 Mini Ab Bench

    RMA-320 Mini Ab Bench

    • Fixed decline angle for sit-ups and other decline exercises • Comfortable padded footrolls • Built-in wheels for easy roll-away • Tested weight load capacity of 400 lb/181 kg

4 Item(s)

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