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  1. Glute Press

    Glute Press

    The Glute Press combines a reverse decline lunge motion simultaneously with a chest Glute_Press Frontpress motion for faster and more accurate fitness results.
  2. Ab Crunch/Back Row

    Ab Crunch/Back Row

    The Ab Crunch/Back Row combines the benefits of core conditioning with the Ab_Crunch_Back row simultaneous knee raise and back row exercises.
  3. Full Body Press

    Full Body Press

    The Full Body Press engages a wide variety of muscle groups throughout the entire BodyPress body all on one machine, during one workout session.
  4. VX - DC

    VX - DC

    The VX-DC allows progression towards less assisted and even unassisted exercises due to the ingenious design of the fully enclosed weight stack and easily adjustable assist bar.
  5. Vectra VFT-100 Home Gym

    Vectra VFT-100 Home Gym

    This machine gives you all the functionality that barbells and dumbbell exercises provide, and more. It offers unmatched ease of use and versatility in the functional trainer category. The VFT-100 is capable of adapting as your exercise and training demands change.
  6. VX-FT 1 Stack

    VX-FT 1 Stack

    This 3D rendering of the freestanding VX-FT 1 stack shows the versatility of this machine. Every possible cable end starting location is depicted ... 500 in all, 250 per arm. Adjust each independent arm directly from any one position to any other position. Even diagonal adjustments are simple. The VX-FT 1 stack can also be attached to other Series VX machines to tailor a Vectra gym to the size and needs of any facility.
  7. VX-FT 2 Stack

    VX-FT 2 Stack

    Sports, work, and daily activities all involve movement, and this movement originates in the "core" or muscles of the mid-section. This is why "functional training" and "core training" go hand in hand. Make Vectra your partner in TRAINING FOR LIFE with the VX-FT 2 stack functional trainer. Functional training is an effective way to improve your quality of life and can play an important role in achieving your specific goals, including losing weight, enhancing physical performance, and reducing risk of injury. Further, sports specific training with a Vectra sports handle (seen above) improves your game by building directly applicable strength, improving muscle memory and developing a more solid core.
  8. S972 Functional Trainer

    S972 Functional Trainer

    1:4pulley ratio offerslowerstartingweight and lighterweight increments
  9. SPT6X Compact Bench Trainer

    SPT6X Compact Bench Trainer

    Traditional weight resistance movement, fun for kids to watch and feel the sense of accomplishments and improvements.
  10. SPT-6B Base Six-Pak Trainer

    SPT-6B Base Six-Pak Trainer

    The same patented, basic design found on the #1 selling SPT-6X. Open frame, allows unlimited full body training utilizing stability balls, balance boards, Bosu trainers, benches and ground based movements.

Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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