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  1. Indoor Cycling Bike: Inspire the TRUE You

    Indoor Cycling Bike: Inspire the TRUE You

    TRUE’s User-Friendly Bike is Customizable & Comfortable Training for your next bike event just got easier: Simply slide your feet into the pedal straps and go! The Indoor Cycling Bike is equipped with a variety of adjustments, allowing users to easily customize the seat and handlebar position for maximum comfort.
  2. Schwinn AC Performance - Model 9-7320

    Schwinn AC Performance - Model 9-7320

    Our latest innovations to the Authentic Cycle product line are a reflection of our renewed energy and continued commitment to intelligent design, quality manufacturing and authentic riding experiences. We now offer a greater selection of bikes with more customization options than ever before. So take a look and see why the most demanding fitness enthusiasts in the world ride Schwinn.
  3. Schwinn SC 7 - Model 9-7400

    Schwinn SC 7 - Model 9-7400

    Call for Special Pricing
    Schwinn’s whisper quiet Smooth Cycling series allows riders to channel their attention to any experience that a studio is striving to achieve. The SC 7 is combines user-focused features, best-in-class biomechanics and a high degree of adjustability to deliver the optimal bike fit for riders of all shapes, sizes and abilities. To maintain uncompromising quality ride after ride, the Studio 7 features a patent-pending bottom bracket that exceeds industry standards, rust-defying materials and rock solid construction. We’ve selected components that are low maintenance and offer uncompromising quality ride after ride. Our patented, durable and threadless Morse Taper design keeps the pedals fastened tightly to the bike and prevents breakage. With a Q factor of 162 mm, and smooth belt drive, our drivetrain provides a comfortable ride that users will love.
  4. M3i Indoor Cycling Bike

    M3i Indoor Cycling Bike

    The M3i is the first to feature a Bluetooth wireless computer. For group exercise classes, data from the M3i computer can be projected onto a display. With an app, riders can download data from the computer to their smart phone or tablet!
  5. C510 Indoor Cycling Bike

    C510 Indoor Cycling Bike

    SportsArt takes indoor cycling to a whole new level of energy and competition. With a precision machined flywheel, fully enclosed drive belt, and extra wide base, the C510 offers an experience most users have never felt before. Combining ergonomic handelbars and user-focused feature adjustablilty; cyclists can focus on their workout, rather than their ride position.
  6. ECO-POWR™ G510 Indoor Cycle

    ECO-POWR™ G510 Indoor Cycle

    Call for Special Pricing
    SportsArt ECO-POWR™ cycles are part of our green technology product line with integrated micro-inverters built in, and the first of its kind to harness the power of human energy and put it back into the grid. When plugged into a power outlet the human energy generated converts to utility-grade electricity, offsetting significant savings for the club owner.
  7. C530 Indoor Cycling Bike

    C530 Indoor Cycling Bike

    Call for Special Pricing
    The C530 has a stylish rear fly-wheel design with a self powered, zero-friction magnetic braking system and a whisper quiet poly-v belt for smooth reliable operation. The oversized LCD display shows multiple data metrics and features a built in LED light that changes color based on RPM rate.
  8. H7xi Hybrid Cycle

    H7xi Hybrid Cycle

    Integrated 41 cm / 16” capacitive touchscreen with FitTouch Technology for intuitive performance, Custom app interface designed specifically for fitness offers users easy access to social media and web content, WiFi connectivity for use with app interface and integrated Matrix Asset Management system, Custom interface configuration for personalized communication with users
  9. H7xe Hybrid Cycle

    H7xe Hybrid Cycle

    41 cm / 16˝ class touchscreen LCD display with FitTouch Technology for intuitive performance. Vista Clear Television Technology -- the most vibrant picture quality in the industry. Compatible with iPod – as well as other popular smartphones and tablets – for video and audio playback, charging and on-screen playlist selection. Compatible with iPod for video and audio playback, charging, and on-screen playlist selection. Integrated 3-speed personal fan.
  10. H5x Hybrid Cycle

    H5x Hybrid Cycle

    Call for Special Pricing
    Intuitive LED console display. Compatible with iPod for charging. Integrated 3-speed personal fan. WiFi enabled for use with Matrix Asset Management system. Innovative command seating position ensures a convenient and comfortable workout. Step-thru entry for easy access.

Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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