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  1. 6800 Smith Machine

    6800 Smith Machine

    The dual-adjustable safety stops allow users to adjust range of motion to suit their individual needs while eight storage posts are standard.
  2. 7800 45 Degree Leg Press

    7800 45 Degree Leg Press

    The high-capacity weight carriage of the 7800 Leg Press is angled 45 degrees and includes premium grade linear bearings for optimum performance and durability. A back pad with integrated headrest easily adjusts to 7 positions for personalization, while the wide foot plate with calf raise provision offers exercise variation.
  3. PPF-800 Deluxe Power Rack

    PPF-800 Deluxe Power Rack

    • Free standing double-sided racking system built for safety and variety • Dual pull-pin adjustments on the cross-beam support (9000 lbs. load strength) • Multi-grip chin-up bar for wide, narrow, reverse and neutral grip upper body exercises • Heavy gauge stainless steel bar hooks on the front and back uprights allow user to face in either direction to perform the exercises
  4. Power Cage CPR-265

    Power Cage CPR-265

    Spring loaded/swing lock J-Hooks (Pat. Pend.) adjust in 3" increments. Lever action pull-pin safety stoppers offer fast and easy safety bar adjustments tested to 800 lbs. weight load capacity. Wide base frame area accommodates a variety of benches, wheelchairs and rehab accessories. 1-1/4" nickel plated top cross bar combines as pull-pin station and structural support. Safe and secure way to perform a variety of Olympic bar squatting, lifting and pressing exercises.
  5. Smith Machine/Half Cage Ensemble CSM-725WS

    Smith Machine/Half Cage Ensemble CSM-725WS

    A "proven" 7º slant Smith Press design allows a natural feel and body movement. Heavy weight half rack system with enclosed self-aligning linear bearing Smith press system with built-in adjustable safety stoppers. Spring loaded/swing lock J-Hook (Pat. Pend.) design for easy adjustability with integrated safety stoppers. Standard with built-in chinning bar, Olympic bar holder and weight plates storage. Features TuffStuff unique adjustable high/low cable stations design for single or dual arm movement. Smith press bar easily stored away to allow full accessibility for cable station workouts. • CSM-600 Basic Smith Machine • CHL-610WS High/Low Cable Station with 200 lbs. weight stack • CMB-375 Multi-Purpose Bench


    Fully loaded version of the CSM-600 features adjustable high/low cable station with dual cable lat station and fixed low row stations design for single or dual arm movements. Smith press bar stores away to allow full accessibility for cable station workouts. Includes CMB-375 Multi-Purpose Bench (not shown).
  7. CHR-500 Evolution Half Rack

    CHR-500 Evolution Half Rack

    7º slant design allows easier loading and unloading of weight bar and freedom of body movement. Heavy weight half rack system with integrated safety stoppers. Features spring loaded/swing lock J-Hook (Pat. Pend.) design for easy adjustability.
  8. KO 1

    KO 1

    The KO1 was designed for those seeking a boxing/MMA inspired total body conditioning workout. One side holds the striking bag of your choice while the other allows for total body conditioning including dips, box step, battle rope, pull ups, suspension training and renegade work. The KO1 also has a weight storage post. The 8” square post provides a sturdy base for even to most vigorous striker. Get fight ready in record time with the KO1.
  9. Dynamo Series: D2

    Dynamo Series: D2

    Looking for a dynamic functional training solution but are short on space? The D2 is for you! Its narrow footprint makes it accessible to virtually any space and still allows you to train up to 4 people at once. The D2 easily installs on the wall to create a secure and space saving workout area. You can easily install multiple D2 units on any wall to create a showcase in your club. Optional Ball Target with Heavy bag increases the training versatility of the D2. All Impact Cages are fully customizable and can be designed with your colors and branding so that they really stand out in your facility. Multiple workout stations allow for exercisers of all abilities to train simultaneously on the same cage. Accessory and weight plate storage always keeps your facility looking organized and neat. Whether you are looking for an indoor our outdoor (additional fee applies) solution that will really stand out, Impact Cages are the choice for you.
  10. KO 3

    KO 3

    The KO3 is the perfect solution for those seeking a versatile boxing experience in a small footprint. It can hold up to 3 heavy bags of varying styles for increased striking versatility. The KO3 comes with dips, box step,renegade and battle rope stations to accommodate small group training with a boxing/MMA focus. Optional TRX Anchor Points are available.

Items 1 to 10 of 15 total

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