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  1. Senza E845S Elliptical

    Senza E845S Elliptical

    SportsArt ellipticals are the perfect option when seeking a total body, low-impact workout. Contact and wireless heart rate are standard with multiple language options. Self-powered – no outside power source required.
  2. Senza T645L Treadmill

    Senza T645L Treadmill

    The SportsArt T645L Series Commercial Treadmill offers unparalleled value and durability combined with our best-in-class warranty. A rugged 4HP AC-Servo motor uses less electricity and requires less maintenance than standard AC or DC motors while still delivering tremendous power for a natural running experience.


    This 15-inch long, 4-inch wide closed-loop flat band fits comfortable around upper or lower legs for resistive hip and knee movements through all planes of motion. Available in two resistances. Watch 'Flat Band Loop' videos.
  4. Fingerless Gloves

    Fingerless Gloves

    Ultra light foam padded leather glove with elastic wrist wrap. Perfect for training with speed bags, double end bags, and punching bags. Available in black only.
  5. Foam Roller Instruction

    Foam Roller Instruction

    Foam Rollers have become a main product that individuals and professional fitness facilities own and use on a daily basis. SPRI offers a few resources to show even more ways to which you can not only get a great workout with a foam roller, but also to help stretch out and feel more relaxed.
  6. Free Standing Kick Bag

    Free Standing Kick Bag

    This 6-foot high, 18 oz coated vinyl, commercial strength bag features heavy-duty low-profile base that fills easily with water or sand. SDS stress distribution system protects against cracks and leaks. An additional charge of $45 will be added to your shipping total due to the size of this item.
  7. H2O Gloves

    H2O Gloves

  8. H2O Noodle

    H2O Noodle

    Noodle floats are great for both children and adults. This 58" inch long H2O Noodle is great for swim training, flutter kicking, water resistance exercises, deep water running or just floating around!
  9. Heart Rate Training Charts

    Heart Rate Training Charts

    These laminated charts will help calculate target heart rate zones as well as maximum heart rate for different age groups. Each chart is color coded for easy reference.
  10. High Density Foam Rollers

    High Density Foam Rollers

    Ultra rigid, providing maximum firmness. Sturdy and resilient. Built to hold up to the most rigorous and demanding foam roller applications. Stays cleaner looking longer. Available in two lengths.

Items 41 to 50 of 134 total

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