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  1. Back Extension CG-7511

    Back Extension CG-7511

    Oversized back pad maximizes user comfort, Extended seat pad accommodates various size users, Seat belt for enhanced user comfort, support and safety, Non-skid diamond plate foot brace
  2. Leg Extension CG-7512

    Leg Extension CG-7512

    Ratchet-style telescoping back pad offers quick and easy positioning, Self aligning foot roll accommodates various size users, Biomechanically correct seat angle ensures maximum muscle isolation and user comfort
  3. Pectoral Contractor CG-7505

    Pectoral Contractor CG-7505

    Biomechanically correct exercise design with rotating handle bar, Chrome plated adjustment cams allow multiple pre-stretch positioning, Ratchet-style telescoping seat offers quick and easy positioning
  4. Seated Row CG-7517

    Seated Row CG-7517

    Dual handle design allows unilateral and bilateral movement for maximum muscle conditioning, Ratchet-style telescoping chest support for quick and easy positioning, Oversized seat design accommodates various size users, Large non-skid foot plates, Self aligning ball bearing swivel pulley for smooth movement
  5. Shoulder Press CG-7501

    Shoulder Press CG-7501

    Full length back pad provides maximum comfort and support, Ergonomic multi-position handles allow standard and neutral grip presses, Ratchet-style telescoping seat pad adjustment accommodates various size user, Sealed & hidden 2" roller bearing with solid steel shaft for smooth press movement
  6. Single Station High Low AP-71HLX

    Single Station High Low AP-71HLX

    Multi-purpose High/Low pulley station offers virtually unlimited cable exercise potential. Counter-balanced roller style pulley carriage offers single hand adjustability. Dual handle pulley carriage allows bilateral and unilateral exercises. Custom 1:1/4 cable ratio and ball bearing pulleys provide smooth function and unrestricted cable travel
  7. Tricep Extension CG-7508

    Tricep Extension CG-7508

    Deluxe contoured arm pad maximize user comfort and proper positioning, Neutral grip handle design enhances muscle isolation and minimizes joint strain, Adjustable leg hold down pads accommodate various size users, Biomechanically advanced cam design ensures correct resistance curve, Ratchet-style telescoping seat offers quick and easy positioning

7 Item(s)

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