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  1. Freedom Rack® Model  9NP-L8505

    Freedom Rack® Model 9NP-L8505

    The Nautilus® Plate Loaded Freedom Rack's patented track technology provides simultaneous vertical and horizontal bar movement to mimic the bodies natural strength curve
  2. Hack Squat Model 9NP-L1130

    Hack Squat Model 9NP-L1130

    Designed with all users in mind, the oversized foot plate allows several different foot positions for safety and workout variety.
  3. MaxRack® XL Model IL-L8505

    MaxRack® XL Model IL-L8505

    The ultimate fitness playground in a convenient floor footprint. From traditional squat and press lifts to dynamic and functional movements, the Max Rack® meets every users needs with the variety of the Power Cage and safety of a Smith Machine.
  4. Smith Machine Model 9NP-L8500

    Smith Machine Model 9NP-L8500

    Star Trac's Smith Machine is enhanced with seven degree angle for better biomechanics during squatting and pressing motions. Adjustable red safety catches ensure proper execution of all exercises.
  5. Tilt Seat Calf Model 9NP-L1110

    Tilt Seat Calf Model 9NP-L1110

    The Nautilus® Plate Loaded Tilt Seat Calf is sure to be a member favorite. With adjustable thigh support to accommodate all sizes and wear guards to protect step up legs against high traffic.
  6. Power Cage Model 9NP-R8005

    Power Cage Model 9NP-R8005

    Adjustable bar catches, Adjustable safety bar supports, Walk through front design allows for use of multiple benches, Complete Olympic plate storage, Integrated multi grip pull up station, 900 lb max load capacity.
  7. Nautilus Nitro® Pullover

    Nautilus Nitro® Pullover

    The Nautilus Nitro® Pullover is praised as the 'upper body' squat machine that delivers the most important, full-range movement for the latissimus dorsi and other torso muscles. 250 degrees of shoulder rotation. Contoured back pad for unrestricted movement in starting position. Angled movement arm pads for comfort and accommodation of various user sizes. Tiered foot pedal for easy entry and exit. Ergonomically designed movement arm accommodates all users
  8. Nautilus Cable Pat Pulldown

    Nautilus Cable Pat Pulldown

    Standard wide pull down lat bar and torso-arm bar provided, Adjustable, locking thigh pads assure perfect form, Six inch molder nylon pulleys reduce friction and minimize permature cable wear
  9. Impact Strength® Leg Curl Model 9NA-S1301

    Impact Strength® Leg Curl Model 9NA-S1301

    The Impact® Strength line brings many subtle innovations to the power of your next weight training workout. It is the evolution of the proven biomechanics and user features that have made the strength line a solid, competitive product. This line retains all the unique, proven, individual design features that customers have stated are ideal such as pre-stretch, start assist, range of motion selection and graduated & standard heavy weight stacks. Impact Strength incorporates new aesthetics and biomechanics features that have established its position as a competitive and diverse strength product line.
  10. Nautilus Instinct® Glute Press Model 9NL-S1012

    Nautilus Instinct® Glute Press Model 9NL-S1012

    Adjustable “flip over” foot platform adjustment, standing modality, linear glute pressing motion, rubber feet for floor protection, kevlar transmission belt for extended life and easy replacement. Available with patented Lock N Load® weight stack or standard pin stack.

Items 31 to 40 of 69 total

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