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  1. Prism Professional Balance Board

    Prism Professional Balance Board

    Enhance sports performance or decrease rehabilitation time after injury. Quickly adjusts to steeper angles for greater challenges Durable 3/4″ birch plywood Non-slip surface; fit for any footwear or bare feet Supports up to 500 lbs
  2. Prism Soft Board – Advanced

    Prism Soft Board – Advanced

    Advanced balance training with a sensation of a cushioned mat. Large surface area allows for a variety of foot, hand or seated positions. Recommended for experienced users and for high-level training. Non-skid material and non-marking base; safe on hardwood Single center leg that creates challenging 3D range of motion
  3. Smart Straps – Ceiling/Wall Mount

    Smart Straps – Ceiling/Wall Mount

    For Mounting your Smart Straps Bodyweight Trainer to Walls, Ceilings or Overhead Beams. The Smart Bodyweight Training Mount bracket can easily be attached to wall studs or ceiling beams to create a secure anchor for your Smart Straps and create a professional training station in any room. The durable, high-grade steel 16” bar allows you to place the individual Smart Straps at various widths apart for proper body position.
  4. Brute Force Sandbag

    Brute Force Sandbag

    This is the ultimate sandbag for training and conditioning. The Brute Force Sandbag has been used by not only MMA/COMBAT training athletes, but also by police and firemen for conditioning, obstacle course training and CrossFit. Brute Force features 8 durable, low profile handles that allow for a variety of exercises. It’s made with tough 1000D Cordura, a smooth material used by the US Military.
  5. Smart In-Home Bootcamp

    Smart In-Home Bootcamp

    The Updown Fitness App guides you through several boot camp exercise programs. The Premium account ($50 value) provides a complete library of exercises and automatically customizes your workouts to meet your specific needs and goals. You also get pre-produced workout programs developed by some of the best fitness trainers in the country.
  6. Modular Storage

    Modular Storage

    Regular Price: $1,099.00

    Special Price $879.20

    This adaptable, heavy-duty storage unit permits simple access to different practical exercise products. The strong steel development is ideal for any business setting, giving safe access to every weighted item being put away.
  7. Self-Guided Storage

    Self-Guided Storage

    Regular Price: $999.00

    Special Price $799.20

    This accessory tower fits every one of independently directed wellness items and is ideal for unattended workout offices. It's adaptability of this tower permits offices to legitimately show and store all the key independently directed item accessible for the end client in a space effecient way.
  8. Medicine Ball Rack

    Medicine Ball Rack

    Regular Price: $119.00

    Special Price $95.20

    The Medicine Ball Rack is designed to efficiently store medicine balls in any facility or room. The rack also allows the medicine balls to be easily accessible to all users. The solid steel construction can hold 4 medicine balls ranging from 4lbs to 10lbs. The compact design creates a space saving solution for any room.
  9. Kiio Cadddy

    Kiio Cadddy

    Regular Price: $249.00

    Special Price $199.20

    Organize and store your equipment. Cable resistance levels are clearly labeled for easy tube selection.
  10. Smart Trainer Pak

    Smart Trainer Pak

    The Smart Trainer Pak is a complete gym in a portable package. This innovative mix of training equipment has been carefully-selected to improve quickness, agility, stamina and power.

Items 31 to 40 of 522 total

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