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  1. UBK 685 Upright Exercise Bike

    UBK 685 Upright Exercise Bike

    The UBK 685 upright bike features custom-designed handlebars with integrated handheld heart rate for maximum comfort and efficient workout experience.
  2. Precor UBK 835 Upright Exercise Bike‎

    Precor UBK 835 Upright Exercise Bike‎

    The UBK 835 upright bike is one of our commercial upright bikes with 12 programs, 25 resistance levels, touch and telemetry heart rate monitoring with SmartRate.
  3. Schwinn Airdyne Revolution

    Schwinn Airdyne Revolution

    The Schwinn® Airdyne® Comp's resistance-based braking creates zero friction and considerably less maintenance than other, more complex systems. Sealed cartridge bearings provide a smooth ride, reliability and extra-long life.
  4. Schwinn® Airdyne® Exercise Bike

    Schwinn® Airdyne® Exercise Bike

    The Airdyne® Exercise Bike is simply smart. Wind resistance is exponential, so the harder you pedal, the higher the resistance becomes. This naturally provides the right workout for both a novice exerciser and an elite athlete
  5. Airdynex®


    26-blade performance fan Performance drive system Single-stage belt for instant activation Smooth motion HIIT training Calibration technology Essential workout stats and tachometer Moisture-repellent, double-coated steel body construction Biomechanically correct positioning Fore/aft seat and height adjustments Oversized, cushioned seat Anti-slip, triple-sided foot pegs Cordless operation
  6. MU100 Upright Lower Body Ergometer

    MU100 Upright Lower Body Ergometer

    The MU100 addresses lower-body conditioning with advanced options for optimal knee positioning. Clinicians may input desired knee flexion angles and the software will suggest the pedal and the seat’s fore/aft position. Variables such as body symmetry and limb length can be taken into account for clinicians to finely tailor to every patient’s needs.
  7. HDU


    Whether you are a seasoned cyclist who likes to clip in or a brand new rider, you will love this bike. The upright bike is our most popular model and the gold-standard in interactive cycling.
  8. Schwinn® Airdyne® AD Pro

    Schwinn® Airdyne® AD Pro

    The new Schwinn® Airdyne® AD Pro leverages the iconic Schwinn air resistance reputation of durability and performance and updates it with a design and feature set in perfect alignment with today's unique fitness challenges and environments.
  9. Schwinn® Airdyne® AD2

    Schwinn® Airdyne® AD2

    Using wind-resistance technology to provide an unparalleled upper- and lower-body workout, the Schwinn® AD2 increases its resistance the harder you pedal, making it the perfect machine for novices and pro athletes alike.

9 Item(s)

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