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  1. C7xi ClimbMill

    C7xi ClimbMill

    Integrated with immersive virtual active programming. 25.4 cm / 10" step depth accommodates a wide range of users and color variations aid the user in proper foot placement. Step position software ensures the steps will lock at the lowest possible point for the user to easily step on and off the product. Control Zone features a sensor that stops the step rotation when triggered by an object or person.
  2. S-Drive Performance Trainer

    S-Drive Performance Trainer

    Discover the S-Drive Performance Trainer to help your athletes elevate their explosiveness and endurance while refining form.
  3. C3xe ClimbMill®

    C3xe ClimbMill®

    Vista Clear™ Television Technology, Sweat Management System, Step Positioning Software, Removable Access Panel, ECB Drive System, Delineated Steps
  4. S3xe Stepper

    S3xe Stepper

    Ultra non-slip large pedals for increased stability. Belt drive design for smooth and quiet operation. LCD console display is easily navigated by users of all experience levels. Angled independent stepping motion mimics real climbing feel.
  5. S715 Stepper

    S715 Stepper

    The SportsArt S715 Stepper has horizontal and vertical handrails to accommodate a variety of hand positions. The silent automotive grade poly-v belt drive system is exceptionally smooth and requires less maintenance than many other drive systems.

5 Item(s)

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