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  1. Exeraire


    Designed as an aerobic padding for carpeted group exercise areas, Exeraire is a unique multi-layered Polyethylene foam that is manufactured to provide the ultimate in performance. Exeraire is composed of three layers, with the top layer designed for foot stability and the bottom layers made to provide for necessary shock absorption.
  2. Everlast with Nike Grind / Classic Collection

    Everlast with Nike Grind / Classic Collection

    Everlast with Nike Grind roll goods mean easy and fast installation and a virtually seamless appearance. Everlast Rolls and Tiles come in 35 standard colors. In addition, Everlast’s custom color and logo capabilities ensure limitless design options. The Everlast with Nike Grind zone color classification system divides patterns into six color-coded zones based upon color intensity and price points. The zone system makes determining color specifications and finding the perfect pattern an easy and efficient process.
  3. Everlast with Nike Grind / UltraTile®

    Everlast with Nike Grind / UltraTile®

    Designed with a patented "Ultra" wear layer to provide unlimited design options, Everlast UltraTile offers a new brand of visual excitement to any fitness facility or club interior. The modular 2’ x 2’ x 1” tiles can be placed over your existing floor, saving time and money. UltraTile is easier and faster to install than traditional glue down floors because no adhesive is needed. In addition, the unique dowel rod fastening system gives you the ability to quickly move or replace tiles as desired.
  4. Everlast with Nike Grind / Performance Collection

    Everlast with Nike Grind / Performance Collection

    Everlast Performance is a premier sports flooring product ideal for multi-purpose areas, indoor tracks, gymnasiums, aerobic centers, and court surfaces. The multi-layer product provides high performance and superior durability and delivers bold and energetic design to any facility. Performance is created by fusion-bonding a 3mm ECORE recycled rubber wear layer to ECORE’s recycled rubber underlayment. This is achieved using ECORE’s patent-pending itstru technology. ECORE spent five years of intensive research and development to create fusion bonded itstru technology, which involves fusing the flooring’s wear layer to an underlayment comprised of up to 91-percent post-consumer recycled rubber.
  5. Everlast with Nike Grind / TERF Collection

    Everlast with Nike Grind / TERF Collection

    ECORE’s Terf fulfills a need in the marketplace for a revolutionary, premium turf product. It provides cushion underfoot, has sound isolating advantages, and adds a significant environmental story that does not exist with any other turf product. Terf was designed with an athlete’s body in mind. Of particular importance is force reduction, which measures and evaluates a flooring system’s ability to reduce impact, especially to the lower extremities.
  6. SuperMats GymMat

    SuperMats GymMat

    GymMat is perfect for all home gyms including weight stack systems, free weights or other forms of resistance training. Made of super-tough, odor-free solid PVC material, GymMat has a non-slip surface that is perfect for any room in your home or business.
  7. SuperMats MuscleMat

    SuperMats MuscleMat

    MuscleMat is a heavy-duty, durable 100% rubber flooring system that protects floors and equipment from damage in addition to muffling noise and dampening vibrations.
  8. SuperMats SuperLock

    SuperMats SuperLock

    SuperLock protects and insulates floors with its exclusive interlock system. The tiles require no messy adhesives or tape and installs in minutes. The flooring system covers all of your wall-to-wall needs.
  9. SuperMats SuperRoll

    SuperMats SuperRoll

    SuperRoll is a heavy-duty, durable rubber flooring system that is popular for all your commercial needs. Perfect in high-traffic areas, it is a popular choice for health & fitness centers, golf resorts, weight rooms, sports arenas and show rooms.
  10. Dri-Dek 1'x1' Tiles

    Dri-Dek 1'x1' Tiles

    1'x1' Tiles, Available in the following colors:Almond, Black, Blue, Burgundy, Gray, Green, Hunter Green, Pool Blue, Red, Teal, White, Yellow

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