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  1. F500 Single Station

    F500 Single Station

    Functional Pulleys allow users to perform a variety of exercises that recruit stabilizer muscles to exercise movements such as pec flys and converging presses. Featuring adjustable arms to allow you to change the angle of resistance 160 degrees, in 20 degree increments.
  2. Vectra VX-28 Home Gym

    Vectra VX-28 Home Gym

    The VX-28 delivers a full commercial quality health club workout by combining the best of the VX-18 and VX-11. Whether working out alone or with another individual, no other two stack gym provides the full range of upper and lower body exercises
  3. Vectra VX-38 Home Gym

    Vectra VX-38 Home Gym

    If you want to train by yourself, with other family members, or within a small group, the 3 stack VX-38 is for you.
  4. Vectra VX-48 Home Gym

    Vectra VX-48 Home Gym

    If you want the ultimate experience in a multi stack strength-training environment, the VX-48 is for you.
  5. X4 Strength Training System

    X4 Strength Training System

    The BodyCraft X4 Strength Training System has Four Weight Stacks. On the BodyCraft X4 4 Station Home Gym all stations work independent of the 3 other stations allowing four users to workout at the same time. Each station has it's own 200lb weight stack so this gym is ideal for Hotels, Condominiums, Fire Station, or for your whole Family!
  6. X2 Strength Training System

    X2 Strength Training System

    The X2 Strength Training System is a Two-Weight-Stack System which can accommodate multiple users, or quicker transitions for the single user!
  7. Vectra On-Line 1450 (GOOD CONDITION)

    Vectra On-Line 1450 (GOOD CONDITION)

    Vectra On-Line 1450 (GOOD CONDITION)
  8. G6B25YR


    In celebration of Body-Solid’s quarter of a century manufacturing in the fitness industry, we have developed a limited-edition premium 25th Anniversary G6B Home Gym, the G6B25YR. Features our patented bi-angular converging press station as well as a chest, incline, shoulder press and leg developer station incorporating our friction-free SmoothGlide Bearing System among other great features.


    The most economical multi-functioning home gym CAP offers, in a space-saving design. Ergonomic backrest with lumbar support for a comfortable
  10. Body ResiStability and Stretch Trainer - BRT

    Body ResiStability and Stretch Trainer - BRT

    The Body ResiStability - BRT is equivalent to three machines in one. It's a pull up / dip tower, a body resistance fuctional trainer and a complete stretching station all rolled into one!

Items 1 to 10 of 17 total

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