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  1. RPL-5405 Standing Calf Raise

    RPL-5405 Standing Calf Raise

    Angled foot plate rotates to focus the exercise movement on the ankle and calf muscles while creating more dorsiflexion which reduces excess stress tot he underside/ ball of the foot Adjustable shoulder support pads self-align to accommodate the user Counter-balanced to reduce starting weight Max. Wt. Storage Capacity: 720 lbs. / 327 kg Max. Exercise Wt. Capacity: 800 lbs. / 363 kg
  2. RPL-5501 Shoulder Press

    RPL-5501 Shoulder Press

    Starts the exercise handles positioned in front of the body, then rocks rearward positioning the handles over head to mimc the natural movement of a dumbbell shoulder press Rocking movement aligns the user's arm with the midline of their torso to decrease external rotation of the arm and shoulder and reduce lower back arching Synchronized converging exercise motion replicates dumbbell presses Counter-balanced exercise arm Ratcheting seat adjustment Contoured press arm handles provide multiple grip positions
  3. RPL-5601 Abdominals

    RPL-5601 Abdominals

    Seat pad can be locked in place or unlocked for pivoting movement. Pivoting seat pad provides multiple abdominal exercises and results in greater activation of the core musculature. Starts the body in an upright posture with exercise handles overhead to pre-stretch the abdominal muscle.s Rocking movement lowers the hips to increase the involvement of the abdominal muscles to produce trunk flexion. Designed to offer constant lumbar, thoracic and cervical support to avoid hyperextension or unnatural loading of the spine Avoids excessive hip flexion unlike traditional abdominal machines.
  4. Hoist Power Cage

    Hoist Power Cage

    With the sleek lines of European styling and durable American engineering, the CF Commercial Freeweight line blends beauty with brawn. From adjustable benches to a Dual Action Smith Machine, each piece of CF equipment is geared towards optimal user performance and outstanding results. Features like effortless equipment adjustments, the option to perform multiple exercises on one machine and durable framework are sure to attract new members and keep current members coming back for more.
  5. Semi Recumbent Dual AB Bench GAB350

    Semi Recumbent Dual AB Bench GAB350

    The new Semi Recumbent Synchronized Dual Ab Crunch Bench works your abs to perfection by allowing you to increase or decrease resistance with weight plates.
  6. Ab & Back Machine GCAB360

    Ab & Back Machine GCAB360

    The Ab & Back Machine is an innovative plate-load design is based on health club single station machines.
  7. Seated Row Machine GSRM40

    Seated Row Machine GSRM40

    Our uniquely designed Seated Row Machine is fully adjustable to fit all size users.
  8. Pec Dec Machine GPM65

    Pec Dec Machine GPM65

    Freestanding and balanced, this is two machines in one and both give you unrestricted full range of motion.
  9. Ab Crunch/Back Row

    Ab Crunch/Back Row

    The Ab Crunch/Back Row combines the benefits of core conditioning with the Ab_Crunch_Back row simultaneous knee raise and back row exercises.
  10. Full Body Press

    Full Body Press

    The Full Body Press engages a wide variety of muscle groups throughout the entire BodyPress body all on one machine, during one workout session.

Items 11 to 20 of 21 total

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