Outdoor Fitness

Specialized fitness equipment designed for the outdoor elements. This fitness equipment is used for small group training or circuit training primarily for schools and recreation departments.

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  1. SYNRGY BlueSky 1

    SYNRGY BlueSky 1

    The SYNRGY BlueSky Training System offers an alternative to indoor workouts and essentially increases the usable square footage of a facility. The modular outdoor unit features several scalable body weight training stations that are engineered for superior biomechanics. Single, stand-alone stations for a wide variety of exercises.
  2. SYNRGY BlueSky 10

    SYNRGY BlueSky 10

    Press - Row - Step - Dip/Leg Raise - Pull-Up - Short Cargo Net - Monkey Bars - Arc Traverse, Press - Row - Step - Dip/Leg Raise - Pull-Up - Arc Ladder - Monkey Bars - Long Cargo Net
  3. SYNRGY BlueSky 14

    SYNRGY BlueSky 14

    The largest SYNRGY BlueSky system available. Perfect for group training of larger groups ranging from 8 to 14 exercisers..
  4. SYNRGY BlueSky 2

    SYNRGY BlueSky 2

    Double stations with a space saving design. Ideal for addition around an existing larger unit.
  5. SYNRGY BlueSky 3

    SYNRGY BlueSky 3

    Two stations with a short connector in between them.
  6. SYNRGY BlueSky 8

    SYNRGY BlueSky 8

    Includes four stations and four short connectors. Can accommodate smaller group training sessions.

6 Item(s)

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