Dual Circuit Pieces

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  1. Multi-Press


    Adjustable press arm keeps the user in a favorable vertical position for all exercises. Press arm adjusts easily with a single gas assisted adjustment. Adjustable seat accommodates varying user heights.
  2.  Lat/Mid Row CG-7504

    Lat/Mid Row CG-7504

    Dual function lat and low row exercises, Adjustable thigh hold down pads accommodate various size users, Oversized bench allows seated row exercises, Durable rubber coated foot rests provide secure brace positioning
  3. AP-71LEX Single Station Leg Ext/Curl (Aluminum Pulley's)

    AP-71LEX Single Station Leg Ext/Curl (Aluminum Pulley's)

    Multi position back pad and biomechanical seat angle provide maximum ergonomic support
  4. Abdominal/Back CG-7510

    Abdominal/Back CG-7510

    Quick-set torso pad easily adjusts for both abdominal and back exercises, Seat belt enhances user comfort, support and safety, Oversized seat accommodates a wide variety of user sizes, Rubber coated foot brace and upholstered foot rolls help keep user in proper alignment
  5. Abdominal/Back PPD-805

    Abdominal/Back PPD-805

    Counter-balanced pivot arm with multiple start position adjustments. Unique hydraulic assist foot support with easy access adjustment handle to accommodate various leg lengths.
  6. Bicep/Tricep CG-7506

    Bicep/Tricep CG-7506

    Unique handle design allows bicep and tricep exercises, • Deluxe contoured arm pad enhances user comfort, Adjustable leg hold down pads accommodate various size users, Multiple start positions for both exercises with range of motion feature, Ratchet-style telescoping seat offers quick and easy positioning
  7. Biceps/Triceps PPD-804

    Biceps/Triceps PPD-804

    Multi-grip handle allows overhand and underhand grip positions. Ergonomically designed arm pad for proper support and comfort. Easy access gas assist seat adjustment.
  8. Inner/Outer Thigh PPD-807

    Inner/Outer Thigh PPD-807

    Conveniently located lever adjusts for range of motion and start position for both exercises. Forward facing exercise positioning provides privacy. Swivel knee pads maintain constant support throughout the range of motion.
  9. Lat/Low Row Combo Machine CLM-855WS

    Lat/Low Row Combo Machine CLM-855WS

    Complete upper body workout system with high and low pulley stations. Adjustable thigh hold-down roller pads provide firm support while exercising. Low pulley station with narrow bar and built-in foot plate support for various low pulley exercises. Built-in back support pad for control and stability while performing tricep exercises.
  10. Lat/Mid/Low Row PPD-802

    Lat/Mid/Low Row PPD-802

    Unique 3-in-1 design offers independent lat, tricep and low row stations. Adjustable thigh hold-down roller pads provide stability and firm support during workouts. Rope handle feature provides many triceps exercises independently from the lat station.

Items 1 to 10 of 59 total

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