Outdoor Fitness

Specialized fitness equipment designed for the outdoor elements. This fitness equipment is used for small group training or circuit training primarily for schools and recreation departments.

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  1. SYNRGY BlueSky 1

    SYNRGY BlueSky 1

    The SYNRGY BlueSky Training System offers an alternative to indoor workouts and essentially increases the usable square footage of a facility. The modular outdoor unit features several scalable body weight training stations that are engineered for superior biomechanics. Single, stand-alone stations for a wide variety of exercises.
  2. SYNRGY BlueSky 10

    SYNRGY BlueSky 10

    Press - Row - Step - Dip/Leg Raise - Pull-Up - Short Cargo Net - Monkey Bars - Arc Traverse, Press - Row - Step - Dip/Leg Raise - Pull-Up - Arc Ladder - Monkey Bars - Long Cargo Net
  3. SYNRGY BlueSky 14

    SYNRGY BlueSky 14

    The largest SYNRGY BlueSky system available. Perfect for group training of larger groups ranging from 8 to 14 exercisers..
  4. SYNRGY BlueSky 2

    SYNRGY BlueSky 2

    Double stations with a space saving design. Ideal for addition around an existing larger unit.
  5. SYNRGY BlueSky 3

    SYNRGY BlueSky 3

    Two stations with a short connector in between them.
  6. SYNRGY BlueSky 8

    SYNRGY BlueSky 8

    Includes four stations and four short connectors. Can accommodate smaller group training sessions.

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9 Ways to Select The Right Equipment for your Facility

Easy tips to help you find the correct workout equipment…every time!

These 9 fast and easy tips are surprisingly effective in helping you select the appropriate equipment for your specialized, commercial center and keep exercisers coming back to your fitness facility. These hints will help make sure you have and equipment that meets your center’s unique needs.

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