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  1. TKO Optional 3rd Shelf for 824HDR

    TKO Optional 3rd Shelf for 824HDR

    TKO's Optional 3rd Shelf for TKO's 2-Tier Horizontal Dumbbell Rack (824HDR) has a specifically designed angle for easy removal and placement of dumbbells and holds 13 pairs of dumbbells 5 - 50 lbs.
  2. TKO 10 Pair Dumbbell Rack with Saddles

    TKO 10 Pair Dumbbell Rack with Saddles

    TKO's 10 Pair Dumbbell Rack is a two-tiered, commercial dumbbell rack designed for TKO SDS series dumbbells as well as any round head dumbbells. Protective rubber-encased dumbbell saddles protect the dumbbells from excessive wear and tear.
  3. TKO 2-Tier Horizontal Dumbbell Rack

    TKO 2-Tier Horizontal Dumbbell Rack

    Designed to allow user to load & unload dumbbells with ease, Shelves coated with heavy duty styrene to prevent damage to rack and dumbbells, Holds 10 pairs of dumbbells – 3 lb. through 35 lbs.
  4. TKO 8 Pair Vertical Dumbbell Rack

    TKO 8 Pair Vertical Dumbbell Rack

    Unique, patented, front load design allows user to remove and replace dumbbells with ease, Space efficient – fits flat against the wall, Injection molded top and nylon cradles with easy to read labels for correct dumbbell placement, Holds 8 pairs of dumbbells 3 to 25 lbs.
  5. TKO Barbell Rack

    TKO Barbell Rack

    TKO's Barbell Rack holds any combination of 10 barbells from 20 through 110 lbs., safely and securely. This rack is constructed of heavy-gauge steel with a powder coated finish and stainless steel bar holders. The wide angled, A-frame design provides maximum stability and the horizontal configuration allows for easy user access.
  6. TKO Commercial Plate Tree

    TKO Commercial Plate Tree

    TKO's Commercial Plate Tree, constructed of all welded heavy gauge steel, is powder-coated for long-lasting protection. The plate posts are built with a protective sleeve which makes it easy to load and unload plates, and holds 1,700 lbs. of Olympic Plate.
  7. TKO Olympic Weight Plate Tree with Bar Holders

    TKO Olympic Weight Plate Tree with Bar Holders

    TKO's Olympic Weight Plate Tree with Bar Holders is constructed of an all-welded steel frame with stainless steel plate horns that hold up to a total of 850 lbs. of Olympic Plate. The built-in holder allows storage for 2 Olympic Bars.
  8. TKO Vertical Dumbbell Rack

    TKO Vertical Dumbbell Rack

    2-Tier Vertical dumbbell Rack Holds 6 pairs of dumbbells, Each level is off-set, allowing unrestricted access to dumbbells, High tensile steel construction, Dumbbell storage up to 40lbs.
  9. Accessory Rack Model 9NP-R8013

    Accessory Rack Model 9NP-R8013

    Urethane protected surfaces, Accommodates multiple handles and accessory bars, Top tray with rubber base for storage of smaller items.
  10. Barbell Rack Model 9NP-R8012

    Barbell Rack Model 9NP-R8012

    Urethane protected surfaces. Accommodate standard and EZ Curl barbell systems. Rubber feet for floor protection.

Items 1 to 10 of 71 total

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