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    Battling Ropes are one of the most effective ways of achieving a total body workout, by combining high-intensity and low-impact movements with a full range of motion in all three planes. Build stamina, gain lean muscle mass, burn fat, and strengthen core muscles. Power Conditioning Rope is 1.5" diameter, Danline/Poly blend.


    Super Strength Bands provide smooth, constant resistance throughout the range of motion. Add assistance or resistance to any training routine.


    The Smart Stick makes exercise movements more productive, by aligning the body for balanced, optimal range of motion. Sold individually, in Sets of 10, or in Bundles of 40 for use with PE classes and teams. Bundle of 40 includes Cart with locking wheels.


    The Smart Hurdle Sets are designed with both athletes and coaches in mind. With 5 sizes to choose from, there's a perfect fit for every training session. Smart Hurdles improve lateral drills, while helping storage problems disappear with the fold-flat support leg.
  5. Smart Ladder

    Smart Ladder

    The Smart Acceleration Ladder is designed to teach you to do one thing well: A C C E L E R A T E. Increasing space between initial rungs teaches athletes to combine fast turnover with short initial stride length for maxium speed. Easy to transport and store.
  6. Economy Storage Tower

    Economy Storage Tower

    The Economy Storage Tower is a convenient all-in-one medicine ball and stability ball rack for easy access and storage. The tower also features a clip to hang extra resistance cables, bands and/or jump ropes.
  7. Smart Cart

    Smart Cart

    The Smart Cart Training System organizes your training equipment into a compact and easy-to-transport system. Using the timed rotational circuit, coaches will be able to train as many as 60 athletes in one hour with the equipment on the Smart Cart. Non-marking wheels allow the Smart Cart to be wheeled to your training area, inside or out. Hurdle heights range from 6″ to 36″ with a sturdy 3-point base that improves stability on all surfaces. Set-up is quick and easy; the support leg rotates in either direction and folds flat for storage.
  8. Smart In-Home Boot Camp

    Smart In-Home Boot Camp

    Our Boot Camp package offers a range of our Smart Products to suit every lifestyle and fitness aspiration, while doing it in the comfort of your home. Along with product, we’ll provide you with a boot camp workout of your own!
  9. Smart Plyo Cube

    Smart Plyo Cube

    The 3-in-1 Smart Foam Plyo can be used at 20″, 24″ and 30″ heights (all in one!) saving your facility space and the user valuable time while being able to train safely. There are 9 exercises printed on the plyo box for easy reference. It’s made of high-density foam with a commercial-grade vinyl cover.
  10. Smart Trainer Pak

    Smart Trainer Pak

    The Smart Trainer Pak is a complete gym in a portable package. This innovative mix of training equipment has been carefully-selected to improve quickness, agility, stamina and power.

Items 31 to 40 of 283 total

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