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  1. SMITH MACHINE Inflight

    SMITH MACHINE Inflight

    Counterbalanced bar. Six weight horns standard. Smooth travel on 1" linear ball bearings. Safety stops.
  2. Lever Row XFW-5500

    Lever Row XFW-5500

    Heavy duty construction features swivel plate holder assembly with 8-45 lb. plate capacity and both wide and narrow handgrips.
  3. Seated Calf XFW-5700

    Seated Calf XFW-5700

    Pivoting seat design with 5 position adjustable thigh pad assembly and non-skid footrests.
  4. Glute Press

    Glute Press

    The Glute Press combines a reverse decline lunge motion simultaneously with a chest Glute_Press Frontpress motion for faster and more accurate fitness results.
  5. Ab Crunch/Back Row

    Ab Crunch/Back Row

    The Ab Crunch/Back Row combines the benefits of core conditioning with the Ab_Crunch_Back row simultaneous knee raise and back row exercises.
  6. Full Body Press

    Full Body Press

    The Full Body Press engages a wide variety of muscle groups throughout the entire BodyPress body all on one machine, during one workout session.
  7. TKO Smith Machine

    TKO Smith Machine

    Counterweighted lifting arm reduces starting weight to 14 lbs. Rotating bar easily fits into slots, 8 height positions, Dual Safety stops allows user to lift durability, Heavy-duty 11 gauge tubing for durability

7 Item(s)

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